Hårddisk : Hårddisk 1TB WD AV-25

Hårddisk 1TB WD AV-25

Hårddisk 1TB WD AV-25

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24x7 reliability.
Reliable performance engineered for demanding always-on multimedia streaming environments.

Low-power, compact storage.
Cool, quiet 2.5-inch AV storage is the perfect solution for a variety of multimedia applications and fanless environments where the drive operates below 65° C base casting temperature.

Supports high definition video.
SilkStream technology supports up to five simultaneous streams of HD video in a variety of file formats.

Advanced Format Technology (AF).
Technology being adopted by WD and other drive manufacturers as one of multiple ways to continue growing hard drive capacities. AF is a more efficient media format that enables increased areal densities.

SilkStream technology.
Optimized for smooth, continuous digital video playback of up to five simultaneous HD streams. SilkStream is compatible with the ATA streaming command set so AV customers can use standard streaming management and error recovery options.

Noise levels have been minimized to less than one sone* - virtually below the threshold of human hearing.

Low power consumption.
The drive draws less than 2 Watts while operating and a mere 4.75 Watts during spin up.

Preemptive Wear Leveling (PWL).
The drive arm frequently sweeps across the disk to reduce uneven wear on the drive surface common to audio video streaming applications.

1 million hours (MTBF).
Best-in-class reliability for small-form factor AV storage.**
** Based upon dual tuner system operating in typical 30°C air ambient environment.

Ultra-cool operation.
A cool drives is a more reliable drive. WD continues to develop new and innovative ways to keep drives cool while they are operating.

Ideal for:
Video surveillance, DVRs/PVRs, set-top boxes, high-end audio systems, karaoke players and digital signage.

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